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Slides for Computational Thinking (Chapter 3)

I’m teaching four weeks of a class called Computational Thinking in Bioinformatics this year (the other weeks are taught by colleagues).

It is this class that got me started on my book on the topic: Introduction to Computational Thinking. I have finished the chapters I need for the class—chapters three, four, five, seven and nine—but there is still a looong way to go before the book is done.

Anyway, I am not writing on the book these days, but make slides for the lectures. That takes surprisingly long time. I have grown used to having slides to pick and choose from for any lecture, but I am starting from scratch here.

Anyway, I am done with the slides for the first week I teach. You can get them here:

Now I am working on the corresponding exercises. I have them on GitHub where they are nicely formatted, but I am not sure how to provide them to my students.

They don’t know how git works, and there is not time to teach them, so they probably need to download the exercises as a zip-file.

But then the problem is how to display the formatting. I can convert the files to HTML—easy enough—but then the links to the other files won’t work. I can flatten the Markdown files to create a single document, but then the links to Python files are gone.

I don’t know. If you have any suggestions I am all ears.