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Elegant Scipy

I was a little disappointed about this. I had hoped it would give a good overview of Scipy, but instead, it is a bunch of examples that use it. It is not that the examples aren’t interesting. They are. They just drown out features of Scipy, so I didn’t learn much about that.

If you do not have to solve the specific problems that the examples cover, I am not sure how much you have learnt that you can apply to your own problems. I think the overview of Numpy is good and I learned a little in the chapter on space matrices, but I think that is all.

I remember having some problems with statistical distributions in Scipy and I don’t think there was anything on that.

Of course, maybe it wasn’t that much of a problem back then, I just remember it being more difficult than R. I should probably have a look at it again at some point. But that has nothing to do with this book…