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Fluent Python

I just finished reading Fluent Python. This is a really nice book on Python programming. It is not an introduction to Python programming, and it is not about specific packages, such as SciPy or Scikit-learn. Rather, it covers Python topics you might use in day-to-day programming and explains how you would write code in the most Pythonic way.

Well, it covers mostly stuff you would use in everyday programming. It also covers co-routines and meta-programming; topics I do not expect you would use every day. From time to time, yes, but not every day. If you find that you need it, though, the coverage in Fluent Python is excellent.

Other than that, the book describes the Python data model and the protocols for implementing different abstract data structures such that they play well with Python. It describes how you would implement different design patterns in a Pythonic way, including how some patterns are handled by built-in python constructions (e.g. high-level functions an generators).

It is a rather long book, but if you are interested in Python programming, it is well worth getting.