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New Blog

Ok, so, I have had a lot of problems with keeping Wordpress and various plugins up to date on my old blog. Considering that I don’t write a whole lot of posts there, I decided that it simply wasn’t worth the effort.

On top of that, the account I had on Aarhus University’s computers, where I could ssh into a file server and put pages in public_html, will soon be removed. They are simply phasing out those computers, because few really use them any more, and while I could keep ssh access to a virtual account, I don’t think it is worth the bother to do this just to keep a homepage.

This means that both my two main webpages will soon be gone unless I make some changes. So I will combine them under a non-Wordpress setup and put them here, on

I used Hugo to set up an R blog, and after some initial problems combining R Markdown and Hugo it grew on me. Keeping static HTML pages around is a lot easier than an SQL database, as with Wordpress, and having the source documents in Markdown is more portable, so I prefer this approach. I write a lot in Markdown, so I am familiar with it and prefer it over more WYSIWYG tools.

One issue is the old Wordpress posts. I do not have any ideas about how to move those to a Hugo site, so I will simply let them die. There are a few posts there I would have liked to keep around, but I don’t like them enough to actually work out a way to do it.